Professional Sports Programme - Cassius Sports
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Professional Sports Programme

Outcome: Instil a Winning Mentality & Strengthen Team Relationships


  1. Increase individual and team mates’ mental strength
  2. Increase physical performance
  3. Enhance effective team communication
  4. Strengthen team mates’ relationships
  5. Increase awareness of individual behaviours, and how this impacts on team mates and Management
  6. Increase team mate support and encouragement in challenging situations
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
PUSHING THE LIMITS TEST – Build team relationships while acclimatising to your new environment. Challenge and assess team and individual current physical and mental output levels. THE CASSIUS CHALLENGE – Feel a sense of achievement together by completing one of the toughest outdoor fitness courses. This course is designed to test all of your teams resolve and prove just what you are capable of! Mentally very challenging! PUSHING THE LIMITS RE-TEST – Put into practice what you’ve learnt as a team and create new levels of mental and physical strength. Embed your newfound ‘Pushing The Limits’ Mind-set.
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
ARRIVAL AT ACCOMODATION – Relax as a team and get settled in. EXTREME HILL BIKING CHALLENGE – Collectively build fitness levels, mental endurance and increase team motivation on this mentally and physically challenging bike ride through some of the toughest terrain of the Lake District. ESCAPE THE ISLAND – Working as a team in an unfamiliar environment you will need to use all your communication and awareness skills to succeed. Creative thinking is a must! PUSHING THE LIMITS AWARDS – DEPART FROM ACCOMMODATION
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
CASSIUS INTRODUCTION TO ‘PUSHING THE LIMITS’ MINDSET – Welcome to the course and sharing personal and team goals. CASSIUS WORKSOP – MINDSET OF A CHAMPION – Reflect as a team on the day’s activities while receiving a talk from a professional guest speaker on the ‘Mind-set of a champion’. As a team will begin to make positive decisions and take responsibility for your future success. CASSIUS WORKSHOP – WINNING TOGETHER – Be inspired by a talk from a leading industry professional, helping your team understand the importance of a shared vision and a unified mentality of ‘winning together’.